Friday, June 14, 2013


Bought a Billy Joel album today
  from a street vendor
  just for my nostalgia

Because today felt
  like a summer of my childhood

Played catch, sweat
  and my ear hurts

Love to fall asleep
  on the backseat of
  my parent's rental

Sand drying between
  my toe
  on the long drive home

Smell the leather of my glove
  bend my cap 'til it's just right

Let the smell of the asphalt and
  the ac mix

Learn all the words
  to that Smash Mouth song

Giggle about the drug
  disclaimers on the radio

Stumble into the motel
  just in time
  for the last inning

Fall asleep on the itchy comforter
  and wake up underneath
  the crisp white sheets

Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Poem About Nothing

Life should be equal parts
desk, barstool, and bed.

Me, I’m just cowering under-
neath the desk,
too afraid to check for demons.

visualization should
but the venn diagramm
of what is good
for me
what I can stand
turned into two poles
dragging in opposite directions

my structure has so
  • many headings
    • and subheadings
      • and references
      • and bulletpoints
it’s static again
white noise

as my pen leaves scars on
the empty page

I run out of letters
to combine