Sunday, December 14, 2008

How Can I Express?

I see you in your car
-your air, your hair, your stare.
I feel you in your street
- your feet, your beat, your cheat.
I hear you in your room -
- your steps, your regrets, your sex.

How can I express,
overwhelmed by your presence?



Stunning black blocks your insecurity,
obsession with your style
represses your troubles.
Spend it all on your look,
that looks like you never looked.

Do everything to get his intention,
then act like your not interested
Interest through desinterest,
oldest trick in the book.

Ode to Giamatti.

A day after today is not enough /Words trick more than they play /Of sparks so sweet and rough / To taste the colors is your way to pray / Your life is bottom shelf / Your booze tops yourself / Crank up the TV / Tear up the books /Create more / be less / never undress / Differ from difference / another Other /The naked leeds the blind / surprise is far behind


There's a beep in static,
that's worth fighting for.

Thought taped tediously.

Nothing's not necessarily nothingness.
Less labor longer lingering!
Radical Rudy reduces randomness.
Sexy Suzie seduces silence.


In a long plastic tube
you trip over your own feet


A race to face;
the goal wants you

The bear is named!
The bear is named!
It bears the same!

Same sex, same flex,
same cheques, same fame,
same failure, same solution.


The tube has an end.
The silver lining was
just reflecting silver.


repetitive words on
repetitive flags.

individuals marching
one by one

flash vote
revolts by mailingslist
emoticons of hate.

in a last gasping breath
the fish yelps:
"pour la solidarité humaine."

I'm Lost for Words.

"Language rules everything"
-says he.
"That's genius!"
-says she.

But what is it worth,
if language fails me?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Night Out.

To the tune of 80's heartbreak
I drink to understand.

I raise my glass to your mind,
I drown a bottle on your body,
I take a shot on your eyes.

My feet shuffle til they fade.
My hips wiggle til they break.
My hands clap til they're sore.
My voice sings til it's gone.

And at gloomy halogen dawn,
nothing has changed.
Except our ways.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Forms of pleasure,
norms of leisure,
tents two-by-two,
two by sea,
who can see,
she can be,
when it's time,
relaxed in line.

Friday, May 16, 2008


repeat pattern. repeat pattern. repeat pattern.
repeat pattern. repeat pattern. repeat pattern.
repeat pattern. repeat pattern. repeat pattern.
repeat pattern. repeat pattern. repeat pattern.
repeat pattern. repeat pattern. repeat pattern.
repeat pattern. repeat pattern. repeat pattern.
repear pattern. repeat pattern. repeat regret.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I love how they love.
I love how they hate.

I love what they love.
I hate what they hate.

But really -

I am what they hate.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


I heard a pop! fizz! crackle!
The stillness in the static
is like the stillness in the air
between the heavens of a storm.

Skinny boys in screaming tongues
entertain the buying weak.
Unknown error in sector one
cuts off all contacts.

The ragbag has buttons.
Buttons contain thoughts.
Thoughts compromise closure.
- buy me a drink.

Dyed clouds freeze on stairs
canned grumbling from the hut.
Flirt with strangers -
slam the door shut.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

See the Lights

See the lights are glistening.
They sparkle through the damp and grey.
The swoosh of cars below
Lures you from your tower.

See the lights are glistening.
You smell the scent of joy.
The coldness in your bones
battles the warmth in your heart.

See the lights are glistening.
The lonely table full of friends.
Old thoughts on new paper
change the way you see your soul.

See the lights are glistening.
But the kingdom still won't come.
Swamped by the decor of beauty
the Child and you have grown apart.