Thursday, January 24, 2008


I heard a pop! fizz! crackle!
The stillness in the static
is like the stillness in the air
between the heavens of a storm.

Skinny boys in screaming tongues
entertain the buying weak.
Unknown error in sector one
cuts off all contacts.

The ragbag has buttons.
Buttons contain thoughts.
Thoughts compromise closure.
- buy me a drink.

Dyed clouds freeze on stairs
canned grumbling from the hut.
Flirt with strangers -
slam the door shut.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

See the Lights

See the lights are glistening.
They sparkle through the damp and grey.
The swoosh of cars below
Lures you from your tower.

See the lights are glistening.
You smell the scent of joy.
The coldness in your bones
battles the warmth in your heart.

See the lights are glistening.
The lonely table full of friends.
Old thoughts on new paper
change the way you see your soul.

See the lights are glistening.
But the kingdom still won't come.
Swamped by the decor of beauty
the Child and you have grown apart.